About Me



Welcome to Tied with a Ribbon - I'm Jemima Flendt. Since I can remember I have always been around fabrics and crafts.  My grandmother used to teach me to crochet and mum was always making at her sewing machine.  I have grown up to love and be inspired by all things fabric, textiles, buttons, ribbons and embellishments. 

I started quilting in my teens, making quilts from leftover scraps from Mum's sewing projects.  I was quickly hooked and then started to take classes to learn all about different quilting techniques and skills.  My professional Background as a High School Home Economics Teacher has driven my passion for teaching and sharing all things Quilts and sewing.

Today I design and create Quilt and Sewing Patterns for my label Tied with a Ribbon, specialising in modern, fun designs that pack a punch and deliver helpful skills and tips so that even a beginner Quilter/sewer can feel confidant in making.

I have written two books – Weekend Quilting and Quilt Big.  I thoroughly love teaching Quilting and Sewing classes, Retreats and Workshops here in Australia and overseas as well as contributing to many major Quilting Publications and developing an Online Class Course.