Sunday, April 20, 2014

Behind the scenes

At the moment I feel like the rough water beneath the boat.  All looks calm on the top but here - behind the scenes I have been madly sewing and stitching working on lots of upcoming projects.  There are a lot of projects that I work on for the Magazines and other Publications that I can only show you sneak peaks and I have to keep things under wraps -  I love sharing and only showing bits and pieces kills me!

This big pile of projects left the other day - can't wait to share with you the actual fronts and all of these projects later down the track.  

Anyway something I can show you is a project that I have just started (in-between far too many other unfinished projects).  Green Tea and Sweet Beans by Jen Kingwell has been around for a little while and I have seen several interpretations of this pattern - all stunning.  Some people have hand sewn the whole project using the templates but I have decided to mix it up and machine sew some blocks and hand sew others using techniques that I like and are far more familiar with.

I started with a Starter Kit from Westwood Acres Fabrics for this quilt and then went through my stash pulling fabrics that I thought show off the types and colours of fabrics that are my favourites.  These are my blocks so far and I am pretty happy with how it is all coming together at the moment.

 Propellar Blocks

Berry Basket

Drunkards Path

Double Pinwheels
(which despite unpicking twice are still sewn together moving in the wrong direction)

Churn Dash


Anyway there are a few custom order quilts which I am about to start that I can share with you as I go - so looking forward to not being so secret squirrel about all that I am working on.

Jemima x 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Confetti Cushion Tutorial

I put together this Confetti Cushion Tutorial last year for a Magazine but am only now getting around to uploading it all to my blog.  Good things come to those that wait right?  I must admit that these cushions are now being used as large floor cushions for the girls when they are watching TV but they do look great on a bed as well.

Confetti Cushion Tutorial

65cm x 65cm/25.5in x 25.5in finished size

55cm grey fabric for centre squares
Approx 90 cm in assorted coloured fabrics for Confetti rectangles
70cm grey cushion back fabric
Cotton thread
Frixion Pen (heat erasable pen)
65cm cushion insert (25.5inch insert) 
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Mat
General sewing supplies

¼ inch seam allowance included
Fabrics should be 110cm wide

Cutting Instructions

From the Grey fabric cut 36 squares – 4.75in x 4.75 in

From the assorted coloured fabrics cut a total of 72 – 3in x 6in rectangles

From the cushion back fabric cut 2 - 26in x 19 in rectangles

Step 1  -   Turn the grey squares over and mark on the back of the fabric, two lines from the right hand corner to 2 inches in from each of the opposite corners.  Do this for each of the 36 squares.

1    Step 2 - To make 1 block - take one of the coloured rectangles and with right sides of the fabric facing  place the rectangle so it is ¼ inch in further than the marked line and pin in place.   Machine stitch along your marked line.

Step 3 - Take a second coloured rectangle and repeat above step on the opposite side.

Step 4 -  Press seams toward the rectangles.  

Step 5 - Trim the squares with your rotary cutter to the size of the grey square.  You will need to make 36 if these blocks.

Step 6 - Once you have completed all the blocks arrange in a 6 x 6 formation until you are happy with how these look.  You can arrange the blocks anyway around you choose.  (Picture only shows 3 x 3).

Step 7 - Sew each of the 6 blocks together to make a row and then sew all the rows together.  Fork Pins work a treat to help keep your seams in place while stitching. Press your seams as you go for each sewn row.

This square should now measure 26in. Your cushion top is now finished.

Step 8 -   To make the envelope back for your cushion – take one of the back pieces of fabric and along one long side, fold over ½ inch and press.  Then turn over 1 inch and press.  Top stitch along both sides of the fold to hold the fabric in place and for a professional finish. Repeat for second cushion back piece.

Step 9 - With right sides together place the cushion backs with the raw edges to the outside of the cushion so that the opening  overlaps in the centre.  The picture shows first piece down to show right sides of fabric facing.   Sew around the outside of the cushion and zig–zag (overlock) the raw edges.  Turn your finished cushion out the right way and fill with your insert.

This Tutorial is for Personal use only 
Copyright Tied with a Ribbon 2014
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